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17 May, 2010

Atlantic Business Magazine is currently running it’s Great Ad Experiment where ad agencies create three separate full page ads.

The first five all created three separate full page ads for three separate issues of the magazine whereas the last agency designed three consecutive full-page ads the lead into one another in the same issue.

There are three local agencies competing in this competition; The Idea Factory, NL Colour, and Spark Marketing.

From now until May 28th voting is open for you to select your favorite campaign.

From Atlantic Business Magazine: The Great Ad Experiment

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  1. Kenny B
    May 18, 2010

    Very impressive ads, always good to see lots of local talent recognized on a non-local level. I personally like the three successive ads of climbing the mountain. I found it hilarious that the first series with personalized messages give incorrect instructions. “Take pill 3x/day, take it after breakfast (1), after your swim (2) before you visit your mom (3) and after you walk your dog (4)”… and then get sick because you’re over-medicating.

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