Chris Cornell debut's his dance-pop career. Wow.

From my Facebook feed:
Gina Samantha Reid is absolutely shocked with Chris Cornell — lead singer of Soundgarden, lead singer of Audioslave. Holy cripe. Not that I don’t like a good dance song, I am just shocked!

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Narwhals, Narwhals

I had this posted on the old and for whatever reason I never migrated this video to the new Well here it is.

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Rap Chop

I couldn’t stop playing this today. In addition to being clever and well-conceived it is incredibly catchy…

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Mega Man Rap (with lyrics)

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Here are the lyrics:

I’m a super fighting robot
From the year 2010
On a quest from Dr. Light
To make the city safe again

See all these robots were created
To make the planet safe
Til Dr. Wily double…

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Mega Man with Lyrics (extended)

Here are the lyrics:

I am Mega Man
I’m blue and cyan
The creation of Dr. Light
Or Right if you are from Japan
Also known as Rockman.

My Mega Buster
Can cut the mustard
I’m a flustered amputee (Pow! Pow…

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