Rap Chop

I couldn’t stop playing this today. In addition to being clever and well-conceived it is incredibly catchy…

30 Apr 2:40 PM 0

Mega Man Rap (with lyrics)

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Here are the lyrics:

I’m a super fighting robot
From the year 2010
On a quest from Dr. Light
To make the city safe again

See all these robots were created
To make the planet safe
Til Dr. Wily double…

06 Mar 8:42 PM 1

Mega Man with Lyrics (extended)

Here are the lyrics:

I am Mega Man
I’m blue and cyan
The creation of Dr. Light
Or Right if you are from Japan
Also known as Rockman.

My Mega Buster
Can cut the mustard
I’m a flustered amputee (Pow! Pow…

11 Feb 8:40 PM 0

Close the Schools!

There is a light wind and some slight flurries out there.

Close the schools Eastern School District!

The ESD’s decisions lately to close the school at first sight of snow is wasteful, shameful, and for some, inconvenient. I work with a couple parents and when ESD decides to close…

09 Feb 8:15 PM 0