In memory of Donna Howell

27 Sep, 2011

Every year CIBC hosts the Run for the Cure, a fundraiser for breast cancer research. Every since Donna Howell, my girlfriend’s best friend’s mother, was diagnosed with breast cancer, she and her friends have participated in the event.

What makes Donna’s case extra sad is that she took the proper precautions to detect breast cancer but her test results were among those that were ruined from the Cameron Inquiry.

Donna was one of the survivors who actively spoke out regarding the inquiry.

Two years ago this month Donna Howell lost her battle with breast cancer.

As per usual, my girlfriend is participating in the run, despite being away all her friends this year. It is a great cause and any contributions are greatly appreciated.

Please take a moment to pledge on behalf of Donna and all those who suffer with breast cancer.

Go to Nerissa’s Run for the Cure donation page.

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