Counter since Carey Price’s last win at home

14 Oct, 2010

His last win at home was February 10th, 2010 against Washington.

I wonder if Vesa Toskela is looking for a new starting job?

Update: Price wins at home! On Saturday, Oct 16th, 2010 Price narrowly nabs a win on home ice. Something he had previously been unable to do for 248 days.

Unfortunately I don’t really have control of the counter… When numbers get this big they really take on a mind of their own. Hah.

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  1. Chuck
    October 17, 2010

    Time to reset the counter!
    How about “Days since last Leafs playoff goal” >:-)

  2. Mark Denine
    October 18, 2010

    Your counter is broken it should read about 3 days. Your website is so….. dos.

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