Where do you see yourself in five years?

10 Mar, 2010

Do you hate this question in job interviews? Joseph Lewis sure does.

In fact, he thinks it’s a pointless question considering any future presented in science fiction is pretty much a possibility and in many of those timelines, where you are relative to the world is irrelevant.

Consider a Star Wars world. Have can be part of either an “evil corporate empire with a rigid bureacracy and a strict dress code or rag tag fleet of rebel freelancers who are pretty informal and accepting of diversity.”

Starship Troopers as a career optionThat is only one of many possible outcomes for this world. We could see ourselves in Back to the Future, Terminator, Planet of the Apes, The Matrix or even Starship Troopers. I will do any Neil Patrick Harris says. Haha.

Check it out. It’s witty.

From WorkAwesome: Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

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