Tim Horton’s Decides to get Political – Supports Anti-LGBT Group

10 Aug, 2009

Tim Horton'sThe decision-makers at Tim Horton’s have decided to establish their popular donut organization as a homophobic one.

According to online sources, Tim Horton’s is co-sponsoring a rally on Rhode Island for the National Organization for Marriage. The NOM is an organization that is fighting for the preservation of traditional marriages.

It’s especially notable because it is a direct violation of their own policies:

Tim Hortons does not sponsor individuals, those representing religious groups, political affiliates, book endorsements or traveling sports teams. Tim Hortons does not provide cash donations.

Is this a strategic move or an accident for Tim Horton’s? Either way I hope the message spreads the this donut shop supports anti-gay rallies on marriage.

UPDATE: Tim Horton’s has pulled funding for this event. It was the result of a franchisee ower violating their policy.

From Truth Wins Out: Doughnut Chain Tim Hortons Violates Its Own Policy, Sponsors NOM Antigay Fund-Raiser

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  1. August 10, 2009

    This is simply out to lunch.

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