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MultiCart R12 All Terrain Transporter Molded Wheels R12RT/カメラバッグ/カメラケース/Bag/Case/カメラ/camera/アクセサリー MFR12Item Number ::Cat# 660-012
Length:34'' Compacted
Length Extended:52''
Width (Bed):13.5''
Width (Rear Wheels):20''
Height (Unfolded):41.5''
Front Wheels:8'' Standard
Rear Wheels:10'' Standard
Weight:36 lbs.
Load Capacity:500 lbs.

・The professional equipment cart that transforms into any of 8 configurations in seconds!
・Professional musicians and bands tour with Multicart because they know there is no more versatile or efficient way to move equipment.
・Use it to move your photo gear and you'll be singing its praises too.
・Multicart's R12 All Terrain model expands from 34'' to 52'' length with 32''/32'' (front/rear) foldable sides.
・10''x 2.5'' Molded rear wheels and 8'' x 2.5'' front swivel casters.
Load capacity: 500 lbs./32 cu. ft. Weight: 36 lbs.
Expandable Frame: Accommodates Cargo of Different Shapes and Sizes
Tough Finish: It's Texured and Powder-coated Steel is tough Corrosion-Resistant & Looks Good Too
Non-skid Frame Bed: Surface Helps Prevent Cargo from Shifting
Molded Wheels: Absorb Shock to Protect Delicate Equipment & Roll Smoothly over Rough Surfaces such as Dirt Grass & City Streets
・Specially Designed Polymer Hubs with Roller Bearings are up to 40% Lighter than Steel Hub Wheels
Stairclimber Rails: Make Going Up & Down Stairs & Curbs A Breeze
Wing-bolts: Are Spring-loaded & won't Vibrate Out
G-Force Casters: with Patent-pending Concentric Hole Design are Structurally Strong Yet Gives Casters Lighter Weight
・Soft Thermoplastic Tred Bounded to Polymer Hub gives Smoother & Quieter Ride than Cheaper Plastic Wheels

With five models to choose from and three different frame sizes there is a Multicart to meet all your equipment transport needs. The R2 micro supports up to 350 lbs and is small enough to roll down the aisle of most aircraft.

The R6 mini supports up to 500 lbs and is great for those who want a strong yet compact utility cart. The R8 R10 and R12 are all part of the mobile workstation cart series. The R12 All Terrain frame telescopes from 34'' to 52'' length with 32'' foldable sides to stack loads high. The R12 features 10'' x 2.5'' molded rear wheels with 8'' x 2.5'' front swivel casters.

Differing only in their wheel configurations these carts are designed to get you on location and give you an efficient place to work with the optional accessory shelf kit.

Instantly Transforms Into 8 Configurations:
1) Storage-Transport
2) Short Furniture Dolly
3) Short Platform Cart
4) Short Hi-Stacker
5) Long Hi-Stacker
6) Long Platform Cart
7) Long Furniture Dolly
8) 2-Wheel Handtruck

Hard Wheels & Casters:
Patent-pending concentric hole design is structurally strong yet gives casters lighter weight. Soft thermoplastic tread bonded to polymer hub gives smoother and quieter ride than cheaper plastic wheels. It also looks cool!

Folding Mechanism:
With the push of a release cable Multicarts ingeniously fold down to take up little storage space and meet airport baggage requirements. Folds Flat for storage and transport:
The Multicart R2 carries huge loads but folds small to fit in airline overheads or large suitcases.

Wing Nuts & Hardware:
Spring-loaded wing- bolts won't vibrate out.

Molded wheels & Casters:
Molded wheels absorb shock to protect delicate equipment and smoothly roll over rough surfaces such as dirt grass & concrete. Specially designed polymer hubs with roller bearings are up to 40% lighter than steel hub wheels.

Hand Truck F/B:
2-wheel handtruck's long nose ergonomically pulls bulky loads toward you when lifting.

Perforated Axles:
Strong perforated front axle reduces weight and accommodates bungee cords.

Stair Rail:
Stairclimber rails make going up and down stairs and curbs a breeze.

Optional accessory shelves and decks add to the versatility and a variety of wheel options from general purpose casters to molded ''off road'' tires make the Multicart well-suited to just about any working environment.

MultiCart R12 All Terrain Transporter Molded Wheels R12RT

94,167円 (税込 101,700 円)
※東京・神奈川・千葉・埼玉で 対象エリア外へのご注文は、毎日 15:00までのご注文で翌日の配達となります (あす楽)

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