NTV – Should we regulate backyard fireworks?

05 Jan, 2012

I just watched a poll on NTV regarding backyard fireworks. NTV questioned residents about whether they thought there should be regulations on the purchase of fireworks because so many people are buying them.

Many of those interviewed said yes and I think these people are ignorant.

Sure there are safety concerns for anyone who buys fireworks. It’s obviously a buy-at-own-risk type product. But backyard fireworks are so simple to set up it would be hard to any careful user to cause bodily harm.

Personally, I don’t see the difference between regulating fireworks any more than regulating stoves or circular saws. Any of these products bring with them inherit dangers.

One person mentioned that some people are shooting off fireworks as early as 7am and she said there’s no need. She was an older lady who probably never had any children who would enjoy fireworks but may not be able to stay awake until midnight. I think people who shoot fireworks early for their kids are sweet. My parents did it for me a few times when I was young and I remember how happy they made me.

My friends and I have purchased our own fireworks every New Years for almost a decade and not once have we ever had any incident of concern.

Regulating these products would be silly, in my opinion.

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