State-by-State grade for the BEP Half Time Show at the Superbowl

07 Feb, 2011

I’m a big Black Eyed Peas an (Yes, I even like their new stuff) but even I can’t argue that the half-time show was superb. They had some cool ideas, like playing on the TRON style and using a mob of electro-dancers and bringing in Slash even, but something made this feel like a fail.

I’m not talking about the sound or wardrobe issues that were littered through the performance. I’m talking energy and love. You could tell they weren’t feeling it, except for who was 100% in.

This half-time show could have been great. But it wasn’t. What shocked me in the performance was the grade it was given afterwards. F in every state? I don’t know guys. Really?

Oh yea, and if I were Usher, I’d start firing some dancers. You can’t dance with Usher unless you meet certain standards and his short performance was filled with choreo miscues.

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  1. Henry Hayes
    February 07, 2011

    Wow, this is…. wow, you must be deaf. The Black Eyed Peas sound worse than nails on a chalkboard. I am sure if it was there. every single state would have given them an F-. You sir a disgrace and should be fired on the spot for writing this shameful, shameful, despicable review.

  2. February 07, 2011

    You need to chill out man. I don’t care if you disagree but no name calling. It hurts my feelings 😛

  3. diddy
    February 11, 2011

    The halftime show sucks every year. Not cause of the bands or whatever, but it’s pretty hard to have a concert in the middle of a football field with the crowd about 300 feet away.

    I think the halftime thing is stupid anyway. the best thing about it was janet, and even that wasn’t that good.

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