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22 Dec, 2010

I use both Facebook and Twitter. While some people don’t see the need to have multiple social media accounts, I use both of these networks for very different things.

Why do you use one or the other?

Analysis of 2010 demographics

Facebook is bigger and badder
With 500 million users, Facebook has almost 5 times as many users to network with than Twitter. Of course, Facebook first launched in February 2004 whereas Twitter did not start until July 2006. By the time Twitter was hitting the market Facebook was only just becoming popular. Most people had never logged into Facebook. Then Facebook has a surgence not unlike the one Twitter has been started enjoying.

People are just as aware of Facebook as they are of Twitter
This stat surprised me. 88% of people know about Facebook compared to 87% who are aware of Twitter. I would have figured it to be higher for Facebook.

Facebook boasts higher regular visits
41% of users log in every day to Facebook. Only 27% of Twitter users log in every day. Facebook seems to engage users more which entices more people to keep coming back regularly.

Twitter users are more educated
Given it’s model of presenting news, DIYs, articles, and other information in a concise, scannable format it should be no surprise that Twitter users are more educated than Facebook users. 78% of Twitter users are either in or graduated college versus Facebooks 50%. This is despite the fact that Facebook started off as a social network for colleges.

Twitter users have more to say
Twitter users are a whopping 4 and a third times more likely to update their status when they log in. Many Facebook users will log in just to browse or “creep” other people online.

Facebook users are rich!
Well, not a whole lot richer than Twitter users, but there is a slightly higher percentage of people earning $50K or higher on Facebook than Twitter.

Twitter users are mobile
More twitter users are actively using Twitter on their mobile devices. Makes sense since data on Twitter is so concise.

Twitter users are more brand loyal
Considerably more Facebook users (40%) “Like” companies than Twitter users(25) but a follower of a company on Twitter is far more likely to actually buy a product (67% versus 50% for Facebook).

Infographic from TNW: Facebook Vs. Twitter: By the Numbers [infographic]

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I am an ex-pat Newfoundlander who has uprooted and moved to the big city of Toronto. I develop web applications for work and for fun. I play ultimate and ice hockey year-round and camp every chance my girlfriend will let me.

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  1. Sam
    December 22, 2010

    The thing that really got me into Twitter was when I realized the applications that it had for real-time news.

    I remember, during Hurricane Igor, constantly checking the hastag for the storm in the province and it was like a flood of instant, real world experiences. I think that’s when the difference between Twitter and Facebook really “clicked” for me. Now, I use it primarily as a news tool. If I’m wondering about something, I look it up on twitter, see what the world is saying about it, and decide for myself what seems credible and what doesn’t.

  2. December 22, 2010

    If a company had to choose one over the other, Facebook or Twitter, I would recommend Facebook based on these statistics.

    If you take a random 100 sample of customers, 40 will “Like” your brand on Facebook versus 25 on Twitter.

    Of those Fans on Facebook, 50% of the 40 users will actually buy your product. That’s 20 customers.

    Of the Followers on Twitter, 67% of the 25 users will actually buy your product. That would be 16-17 customers.

    Facebook is the winner in terms of total conversions even though Twitter has a much higher conversion rate.

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