James Reimer goes as Tim Horton’s guy for Halloween – Time Horton’s guy reacts

05 Nov, 2011

This year for Halloween James Reimer dressed up as one of the construction workers from the Tim Horton’s Bagel BELT commercial.

The two look strikingly similar.

There is a YouTube video (below) circulating now that features this Tim Horton’s guy ranting about how upset he is that James Reimer dressed up as him for Halloween.

This struck me as unusual since James Reimer is one of the most likable hockey players in the NHL and he dressed up like a guy from a national ad campaign who looked surprisingly like him.

Then I thought about how a national ad campaign wouldn’t feature a real people with no acting experience unless they were going to feature it as a ‘true story’ or label them as ‘real customers’.

This guy is likely an actor.

So I decided to dig further. The video was posted by Boomology101 which appears to be a comedy troupe. They are even featured on Funny Or Die.

This is a gag. Fake!

This probably isn’t even the same dude. Though he looks very similar.

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  1. Mark
    November 05, 2011

    I found a video of him apologizing to Reimer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6rkqqghWkQ&feature=watch_response

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