PlayStation 3 “Dear PlayStation” Commercials

15 Dec, 2010

I’ve become a big fan of the new “Dear Playstation” videos. Check them out.

Blu-ray / Gaming Conundrum

“If only some well-groomed vice president went on television to tell the world of this miracle machine!”

Fake TV Family

“She smells like strawberries”

Video Delivery Service in Canada

“You know what, sometimes you’re so lucky to be living next to me, I almost wish I was you.”

Grand Turismo

“When they said they needed the test cars back I said ‘Hahahaha!””


God of War 3

I’m sure there’s plenty more good “Dear Playstation” commercials out there.

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  1. Murray
    December 15, 2010

    I love the one for Gran Turismo 5. “When they asked me for the cars back I said, ‘Mwhahahah.'”

  2. December 16, 2010

    I just noticed that in the GT5 one at the end when Butler is speeding away in tiny letters it reads “Mr. Butler is a professional driver on a closed course. Do not attempt.”

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