Stop The Meter – Strombo talks about internet usage billing

28 Jan, 2011

Some of you may be thinking this won’t affect you. You don’t use the internet enough. Well before you brush it off consider this. Do you download music? Stream videos or use Netflix? What about online gaming? Some places will only get a base of 25GB before being charged between $1-4 per GB up to $80 (which won’t take long for people like me).

If you are half as concerned as I am about usage billing, visit Open Media’s Stop The Meter page and sign the petition.

We need to find ways to get this ruling reversed. Remember, even though it’s usage billing you don’t save money by not using a lot of your bandwidth.

Where is this all going?

Net Neutrality ringing a bell? Well eventually big service providers will charge extra for or restrict websites based on traffic. It will be effectively been the end of small-time websites like

Get involved. Sign the petition.

From Open Media: Strombo Talks Internet Metering

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