The Social Network – Facebook Movie and Twitter Parody

19 Aug, 2010

I remember in Facebook’s early years, a friend of mine, Ian, told me about it and I signed up. He told me how huge social networking was going to become. I actively disagreed. I didn’t see the value.

Back then, I had 2 friends on Facebook for almost two years. No one was using it. And it wasn’t that interesting. I logged in every day and my news feed never changed. Facebook was like a failed Hi5 (which apparently still exists).

It didn’t have all the capabilities or applications it does today and Mark Zuckerberg barely had any “friends”, but then something happened. It exploded over night and within a very short period of time I found myself with hundreds of friends.

Then people who I knew who couldn’t tell the difference between a browser and CD-ROM were on Facebook, like my mother.

Here we are today. Facebook has become one of the largest, most popular websites on the internet rivaling even Google for daily visitation.

Now their making a movie about the creator’s story.

The Social Network – Movie Trailer

Of course what would a big-time motion picture be without some parody in the blogosphere?

Twitter Movie Trailer – Parody of The Social Network


YouTube Movie Trailer – Parody of The Social Network

If Every Website Got a Melodramatic Movie — powered by
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Maybe I should make one for

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  1. Jessica
    August 26, 2010

    Greg! Do you not remember how we came to know each other?!?
    Due to our mutual posting on Facebook which listed ‘Clone High’ as one our fav shows?? NL did not know what Facebook was back then… but we did.

    • August 26, 2010

      I thought we met on

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